10 Things You Must Do in Kathmandu

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10 Things You Must Do in Kathmandu

It’s difficult to visit Nepal without experiencing its capital and knowing the best things do to in Kathmandu. Loaded with logical inconsistencies and sorted out tumult, Kathmandu is an ambush on each sense in the most ideal manner. Each traveller to Nepal definitely stops in Kathmandu, yet a couple of days committed to the city itself truly is justified, despite all the trouble.

I didn’t know whether I would appreciate Kathmandu. I was attracted to Nepal by the mountains and the peacefulness of the field. What I realized was that there is excellence directly in Kathmandu, however in a substantially more energizing manner.

Subsequent to living in Kathmandu for more than two months, my affection for the city was straightforward and genuine. The city had pushed me as far as possible yet then indicated me such excellence en route.

Kathmandu, and Nepal when all is said in done, are numerous things. However, since the seismic tremor in 2015, the best word to depict Kathmandu is flexible. Aid ventures overwhelmed the nation, and in spite of the fact that Kathmandu isn’t what it was before the shaking, what attracted people to this incredible city still exists. Vibrance, character, engage, and an every day obscure.

In the event that it’s fervor you are searching for, Kathmandu can give! Investigating Kathmandu and the encompassing territory could take weeks. However, with such huge numbers of extraordinary activities in Kathmandu, it’s ideal to limit it down somewhat.


10 Things You Must Do in Kathmandu

1. Head to the highest point of Swayambhu

Dating from hundreds of years back, Swayambhu is an old sanctuary that is frequently called the “Monkey Temple”. Once here, you’ll see the 300 or more shake slashed advances that lead to the sanctuary, yet once you get up there you’ll get the absolute best scene of Kathmandu Valley. It’s absolutely staggering.


Go for a walk around the sanctuary and stupa, see the monkeys and become familiar with this consecrated spot.

Peruse more on visiting Swayambhu.

2.) Explore Bhaktapur

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bhaktapur is one of the staggering activities in Kathmandu (however, it’s in fact outside the city). Presently, the drive itself shouldn’t take long by any means, however on the off chance that you hit that infamous Kathmandu traffic, you could be stuck for a considerable length of time.

Once here, make a point to stop off at the Nyatapola Temple, see Durbar Square and investigate Taumadhi Square. After a little lunch of momos (like dumplings), fly into 55 Window Palace, the Dattatreya Temple and see Pujari Math.

Presently, it might appear to be a great deal of spots yet it’s anything but difficult to investigate them all by foot. Put in a couple of hours walking Bhaktapur and taking in this mind blowing and antiquated city.

3.) Visit the Pashupatinath Temple

Situated in the city itself, Pashupatinath Temple is a Hindu sanctuary that is probably the best activity in Kathmandu. This hallowed spot is known the world-over by Hindus, with millions visiting here during Maha Shivaratri.


The entire sanctuary complex is immense and rambling and a wonderful spot to see while in the city. Presently, as a guest to the unpredictable, you should pay a significantly more expensive rate than local people (yet at the same time moderate) to enter the complex. Once inside, meander around, investigate the religious locales and experience this sacrosanct spot.

One thing to hold up under at the top of the priority list is this is a position of love and you ought to consistently be deferential while here (for clear reasons). One other thing to call attention to is that open incinerations occur on the riverfront inside the sanctuary and it’s presumable you will run over these.

4.) Explore the Boudhanath Stupa

Being probably the biggest stupa in all of Nepal, the Boudhanath Stupa, is unquestionably perhaps the best activity in Kathmandu (particularly in case you’re keen on religious history).

Once here, try to meander around the complex, and investigate this point was on the old exchange course with Tibet. All around the Stupa, you’ll discover loads of little shops and bistros, as well. It’s a delightful and forcing stupa that you’ve gotta see while in Kathmandu.

5.) See Taleju Temple

At the north part of the bargain, you will locate this most eminent structure and activities in Kathmandu. That is, Taleju Temple.

It’s one of the most significant Hindu destinations in the country, and however it’s not open to the general population, taking 30 minutes to investigate the outside of this incredible structure is an absolute necessity.

In addition, on the off chance that you happen to be there for the Dasain celebration, when Hindus may really enter the sanctuary, you’ll be in for a tornado of bright culture and treat.

6.) Shop at the Ason and Mangal Bazaars

This flourishing territory of Kathmandu is a spot that will stimulate every one of your faculties. A nearby and guest frequent, it’s a zone that sells everything from road sustenance, flavors, blessings and ordinary treats.

Simply try to catch up on your dealing abilities, however, costs regularly get swelled for guests.

7.) Visit the Thamel District

Probably the most ideal approaches to encounter Thamel is by foot, however be alert, the area region can be disorderly so tread carefully with vehicles.

Presently, the Thamel District is likely one of the most prevalent spots and activities in Kathmandu for guests. Here, you’ll discover bunches of restaurants, little shops and places like the Garden of Dreams, a peaceful little niche off the primary avenue inside a pretty park.

8.) Hike Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri National Park is an amazing zone to visit, particularly in case you’re needing a break from ordinary city life. Head on one of the climbs to the highest point of Shivapuri Hill Station (it’s practically 9,000ft) and investigate the absolutely dazzling trails that cross through woodlands, vistas and summits.

9.) Flypast Everest

From Kathmandu, regardless of whether you aren’t intending to go climbing, or aren’t climbing Everest itself, you can at present sanction planes for sensibly low rates that will fly you out to have staggering vistas of the snowcapped most noteworthy mountains on the planet.

The two primary organizations that offer this are Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines that fly from Kathmandu Airport itself. On a sunny morning, you’ll see Everest without taking that amazingly long experience.

10.) Gorge on momos

Momo is a Nepalese most loved and a kind of dumpling that is absolutely modest and delectable. Albeit got from Tibet, it was the Newar people group that made this dish so mainstream in Nepal.

Presently, you’ll experience no difficulty discovering them while in Kathmandu, simply visit practically any of the nearby cafés and request a plate. You won’t be baffled.

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