Become one for Nepalese, Nepali & Nepal

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Become one for Nepalese, Nepali & Nepal

According to Geography, the Nepalese border is limited to the Mahakali border. But Nepal is spreading globally with sense of emotions. Education , work and life outside of Nepal has expanded its search duniyambhara size feelings for overall prosperity of Nepal is important for the result of collaboration with God.

The progress forward motion by challenging diagnostic Nepal  a re- around the Nepal  guilt must be assimilated as the current time, the new nationalist sentiment. It is important to keep the role of Nepali Diaspora in Nepal in the prosperity of Nepal, with the global training of the 33 Nepalese People’s Committee’s committees, with many issues and expectations.

During the program,  the Nepali diaspora role in challenging and prosperity of Nepal  proposals presented by the working setopatimarphat have edited the article. Organizing Nepalese Congress , the Nepali People’s Committee , the Danish Congrats , to combine the entire policy of Central Policy , Research and Training Establishment and Local Administration are eligible for congratulations. It is a different example in our context of the responsible creative role of the counterparts to reflect on the subject of Diaspora’s psychological and practical challenges and to contemplate the importance of Nepali Diaspora in the prosperity of Nepal.

Diospor’s position

How are out of Nepal Nepal , Nepal will not have clarity as clear data. About a decade, continuous income is estimated to be around 1.5 lakhs. Perhaps that size should be at the height of fifty million times. Nepalese people are only less than one lakh in non-residential Nepali Association, which has conferred the first World Conference in 2003. This means that if the diaspora sentimenta  organized the early stages yet. Nepalese People’s Committee is duly legitimate in 35 countries but Nepali has spread three times more than that country.

However small and large Nepalese organizations are present in Diospor. There is still a need for different organizations and different beliefs, despite the shared campaign and that campaign for the sake of Nepali Diaspora, the contribution in Nepal’s prosperity. 

Diaspora’s attitude

Whether for any purpose , the land is generally favorable situation for anybody to find life not too pleasant. However, in today’s era, the tendency to seek life outside of our country is also not only in small countries like ours, but also the tendency in the frontier of prosperity. It is definitely our goal to build a situation that does not have to go beyond economic or political consciousness, but Nepalese Diaspora is the state and political parties for the greater cooperation in Nepal’s prosperity, and the duty to facilitate greater cooperation.

There are different types of common Nepalese people in Diaspora who need patience, to address the country with patience and to take it into confidence. Had to go out or to stay in the country and favorable treatment, often because the parties : all sounds complaint. There is a feeling of anger in the country , despite the establishment of peace , constitution drafting and election, the country can not take meaningful momentum. A different disappointment seems to be a lot of personal environment for personal or institutional investments. Diaspora is very common to all together with the notion of organized investment in a certain part of the production sector in a certain part of the remittances sent to the country, including the tears of blood.

At times, some  of the country which would go abroad would love  that the level of personal criticism has vijhaune Diaspora. It is natural to be called  former Nepalese  from the responsible people of Nepal, saying that  Nepalese Nepalese Nepalis  once, Nepalese, Nepali and Nepali people , should do something for Nepal .

A young man in the land   This country never accomplished that supposedly only disappointment expressed by other young lives, but the country out of the country to make it seem a little heart and a little gamsnatarpha Whom Nepal that No one in Diaspora is required to organize its role for prosperity in the homeland among the adversaries, not only by keeping the question and guilt of the country from the country in the center, but in many adversities, if it is within the country, there is a need to move deeply towards Diaspora in the great campaign of the country.

The Congress should awaken the hope and trust of the country in the despaired youth within the country , which has been wandering and keeping the country in many painlessness ,earthquake , and collapse. On the other hand, youth in foreign countries will have long life and love for the maternal grandparents. The great campaign and we have to make a meaningful purpose  Nepal Nepalese around the world for a Korrika  that are forwarded call.

Gussau for Nepal

Janataik BP Koirala once said that Nepal is two. Nepal has a roadblock and power. Another road , electricity , schools ,hospitals etc. Nepal. He said that our goal is to do everything in Nepal without achieving it. After the change of 046 years, second Nepal also started reaching the road , electricity ,respectively . The physical advancement that has occurred in the past five years is that there is an adverse time in adverse periods of violence and instability in the country.

The Congress, who led all political changes, but could not work for prosperity, it is clear that if we expect the economic progress of Nepal and today’s economic progress before Nepal, it is clear that we are not in the same situation two steps.

Now, the distance between two two Nepalese BPs has decreased. The new constitution oriented towards expanding the scope of ownership translated into practice by the democratic system based on your  social justice and liberal economy  to be honest implementation of the next decade are to be rich in our village.

But in present present, the government of the Communist Party is in the conflict between the government’s position of communist philosophy and the democratic situation of the democratic constitution. Between this conflict, he has increased the expectations of a beautiful day of peace , constitution and election post-election history respectively. In such a situation, the possibility of conducting a statutory basis based on Nepal is expected to reduce the distance between two Nepalis today.  

The Nepalese Congress has to take a new plan of its pre-declared target implementation to bring distance between two Nepalese Nepalis in Nepal respectively, and on the other hand, both Nepalese is developed in the last round. They are two Nepalese Nepal outside Nepal and Nepal.

Nepali Diaspora is Nepal outside Nepal. Nepalese outside of Nepal can contribute both personal and institutional way to their parents. Whether Nepalese is in Nepal or outside of all, the common interest is Nepal’s prosperity. Nepalis in violence ,instability , lack , unemployment and other are a number of pain endured , sometimes appear a little bulky when it is the role of frustration these issues.

In the country , outside the earthquake , flood , floods , Nepali people can not be sad. As far as spreading into the world , theroot is in Nepal. His body is in Nepal where the body reaches. Personally, somebody gets rich , his happiness remains incomplete until the country is prosperous. Therefore, Nepal is a common goal for all the country’s prosperity.

Nepali Diaspora has contributed to the world’s cinematic world as its creativity. The capacities and capital in their country should make the role strong in the days of Sargan in their homeland. The constitution made by the Congress led to Nepalese Diaspora to make Nepal prosperous more comfortable in the past.

The dangers of the constitution and the fourth generation

Nepal has arranged non-residential Nepali citizenship for Section 14 of the Constitution of Nepal. The long-term demand of migrant Nepalis is not addressed only by the fact that it has done the bridges in the middle of the workshops and the mothers. On the other hand , Nepal has expanded the Nepalese relations of non-resident Nepalese to strengthen constitutional ,psychological and practical angle.

According to the source of the Constitution  citizenship of foreign country , who received citizenship of foreign country ,received a citizenhip of foreign countries after the birth of their father or mother , the citizen of Nepal or their parents , based on birth or birth on the basis of a member of the nation’s nationality. , social and cultural rights could be enjoyed by Nepal’s rhino Residential citizenship can be provided. 

How to simplify the future of home land assets in the name of Nepali citizenship before taking non-residential Nepali citizenship. What will be the future of the fourth generation after the third generation The future search for the fourth generation is not in relation to its personal status , Nepal is about its citizenship constitutional relationship, because the constitution has only provided non-residential Nepali citizenship to the third generation. The Constitution can be modified according to the requirement in the timeline, but Nepalese Diaspora about the other side of the challenge is to be clearly visible. Today we see tomorrow if it’s subtle but important question today is to be able to estimate  the fourth generation of Nepal sanvedana  what size it may be transferred To say

Today, more than ninety percent of the births of the world-wide Nepalese people were born in Nepal. Naturally, when he was abroad, he took all the remnants of dust , peace , pain ,happiness , feast , fair and fellowship of Nepal. All of them have love in their hearts , but the fourth generation will carry that love with the same emotional impression 

 I was born a country ‘,’ I was born soil  sense of the world is a powerful sense of feeling in the forefront. The first generation of  I was born in the soil ‘ is the emotional conjunction of Nepal , the fourth generation will give Denmark a great place to the UK , Canada and the Americas as its birthplace, or to Nepal Today, the countries which are called Karmundi will be the only workmanship of the next generation, including the birthplace. Natural human psychology will take him away from dust , his culture and his life.

Therefore, the fourth generation should not be able to find Nepal relations only within the constitutional provision, it is necessary to create an eye-sighted view from the angle of culture.

‘Nepalese protection’ to return to Nepal?

As the fourth generation is concerned about the  Nepali future ‘, the smooth answer of the solution can be said to anyone ‘that iswhy all Nepal returns.’  At one point,  I often leave my mother pain just this country,  the inertia of nationalism was feeling. Feelings view that it was not wrong, but in today’s open world, all the citizens worldwide borders skill , knowledge and science in progress at a time when , the person , the community and the whole nation to the well adhered to high-capacity expansion at a time when Nepal desamatrai  Mechi  Mahakali  to simanabhitra closed society to recline Can not

We should build such Nepal without getting tears of meditation , Nepal , but today we need to work hard to build Nepal twice. Whether it is in the country or country , it must be struggled for knowledge , skill and prosperity. Therefore, in today’s date, no one has ever been able to go out, nor has the situation turned out. 

 Peace has been established. Now all of Nepal pharkanos  that any leadership speech to express his place, but those outside the difference that mean the most fun out of the country for sovereignty, with a number of options to try to ease life must be a priority in today’s Nepal. Under the leadership of the Congress, peace- making , constitution-building and three-level elections have been completed.

The election could have been defeated but Nepalese Congress passed in a tremendous manner of national examination that took place from peace to the elections. The exam is now started by the Communist Party. To transform peace in sustainable peace , complete the remaining work of federalism , expand the scope of diversity for the constitution and work with the bridal vaginal for prosperity. But the Communist Party has shown signs of failure to badly due to absence of theoretical anti-government and government qualifications than being passed in this examination. The incidents of a new type of violent rebellion have begun, such a situation can not increase the number of foreigners going out of the country.

So Diaspora’s leadership …

1. Many dialects and ideas of Diaspora need to speed up the large number of Nepali co-operation by keeping the possibility of diameter of size in the coming decade. Nepali Congress liaison committee be closely integrated with the institution or another party, or whether or not thousands of Non-Resident Nepali Association, the number of common platform of the pitfalls of his body between Nepal  Karmabhumi Nepali interests and prosperity of the motherland engagement  shared determination and the destination must be shared.

2. Violence , development, and unemployment are basically three reasons that push millions of youngsters out of the country. Practical education , safe employment and comparative living life are these three reasons: The Baharii world, which attract millions of young people. Increasing these three attractions in Nepal can only make youth look for the future within the country. In order to achieve this goal, the country needs to cooperate with the Diasporpe and the Diospor still on the larger level.

3. While Nepali Diaspora is the worldwide , emotional attitudes of Nepali culture , culture , festivities , pan , mind, and Nepali should also be spread globally. Our language , culture and diversity that is , it will hurl the ground last generation bharirahamda diaspora and hunger continue to put a country awakened fascination remains. The home , car , high education ,attractive profession , and good bankruptcy of Diaspora’s last generation can be very good, but in the  Nepality If they do not wake up, they will become like a body without a parent. Diaspora’s Millennium Nepali house, such a pain-affected pain can not be shaken in the next decade, a common initiative of the Diopora leader needs to be speeded.

4. After the Nepalese culture, the rich generation of Diaspora can sustain the prosperity of Nepal. He wants to recognize his identity as a country of other prosperous country , as thecountry of Sagarmatha , Buddha and Bir Gorakhali, but he does not want to introduce the country that is suffering from unemployment and suffering poverty. Instead, hiding the identity and wanting to stop the situation in which a person is psychologically sympathetic. Therefore, Nepalese prosperity is essential for the prosperity of Nepal and its prosperity and prosperity. Diaspora’s last generation will also have prosperity with the proud history and culture of his ancestors. Today’s alert line of every level of Diospor must have accurately analyzed the height of its identification of Nepal’s richness.

Nepalese should live in Nepal and die in Nepal. Regardless of where to live, where are Nepal , Nepal should. Question  in Nepal live:  The  Nepal living  that is.

Now chapter ‘Wain Gain’

Diaspora is not a financial institution, but countries have to discuss only about direct financial investment. There are many famous scientists , professors , doctors , new producers ,engineers , writers , artists , industrialists , and players in Nepali Diaspora . The heart of the dead was the first use of the transplant method in the living man at the hospital in Australia. The doctor was not Australian or American. Nepali son of Nepali mother Kumud Datal maintained that history. Finding the existence of water in Mangalore ,The scientist of the NASA scientist was also a Nepali scientist, Luijendra Ojha. These representatives are eligible. Nepali brain is active in the rise of many other progress.

World  affected vauddhikata  Use country in the world where the discussions are ongoing in Nepal , the Nepali intellectual intellectual investment in innovation is essential to look for. But, together with the creative brain of Diaspora, the country does not want to send the invitation card to invest in the country as someone wants to go to the wedding.

Our butter is the reality  Wayne Drain  . Violence or instability, or lack of opportunity, our great intellectual property has been excluded. When there is no proper environment in the country, the intellectual property, which is now a comparatively intuitive environment after peace and constitution, should go back in a formal way. Speaking in  Physically manner should return  does not mean physical physical , and some have returned , many are welcome to return. All the personality is welcome.

But physically, even if it does not change materialally, it can be used to invest in the country from the farewell corner of the world. Now the  Skilled Kaligadi Brain ‘ of Diaspora is no longer sure to live absolute with the country that there has not yet been an environment in investing in the constitution of peace and constitution.

Reconstruction of the parties and the construction of the country constantly depends, but cyan separation between organizational qualifications and government qualifications. After independence from Eastern Timor Indonesia, freedom activist Sunana Gujamao refused to go to power at the beginning and said –  I had the ability to struggle with it, but it is a different thing to destroy and build. It is not with me that the skillful colleges need a brain to build , that should be searched on the eastern Timor. 

Nepal has entered the new state structure along with the new constitution, in this period, it should enter into new psychology, which enhances the path for intellectual investment around the world. The Congress , who has been saying that the  allied countries connecting all the country is now  , will now be able to connect Nepalis with the ideology of Diaspora to Nepal and outside Nepal for the overall prosperity of Nepal. When the question comes to peace , democracy, and prosperity, then we forget that we are the opposition parties.

Voter should be played with a note

Right to vote will be an important formula to keep Nepalese dopore close to the Nepalese relationship. However, those outside the outside citizenship can only enjoy these rights, but it will not only reduce the distance of  two Nepal  , but it will be worth meaningfulness and responsibilities of Nepal.

The right to vote is the technical question of the less proprietary fund’s psychological subject. Why should Korea’s forest and Qatar run runners , Japanese laws and British pounds , US dollars and Canada dollars, but why do they not vote for Nepalese Nepalese countries The question is to be raised from this angle. The Honorable Court has ordered the Nepalese foreigners to vote in Nepal’s election to Nepal’s election to Nepal. For implementation, pressure is needed to increase pressure from both sides inside and outside the country.

Diaspor investment in Nepal

In particular , investments in hydropower , healthcare , air aviation , bank , hotel business and tourism are Nepali people. There is no data about how much the investment has been invested due to many non-resident Nepalese investments at personal level. However, according to a study conducted by the Economic Journalist Society in 2014, the investment of approximately 29 billion was invested by non-resident Nepalese investments in 67 establishments. In the main investment of NREN, Hydro Hydra , Upendra Mahato is under the supervision of the Meditius Hospital and the remaining Ghole Sheraton Hotel is under construction. The size of this investment has diminished in the half-decade of 014’s. Increasing investment in the growing environment of investment seems to be a major contribution to Nepal’s prosperity in the coming decade. Poor country is not rich NRNThe successful NRN’s identity of prosperous country will be the greatest asset of life for all of Diospor.

Remittances: Search for solid investment

Remittances sent by the foreigners, have been keeping the economy of Nepal country alive in many adversities. The decade of violence , earthquake and collapse by the Nepalese countries crossed many complexities in the meantime. Each holy hand is entitled to Salam who contributes to not leaving the country by sending remittances. But the testimony of the reality hidden behind the remittances is a whole country.

Millions of young people have left the country, leaving many small dreams to the outside of the Tribhuvan International Airport in order to fulfill the great dream of life. We have been earning but many are also filled with wooden box. The injured are undergoing treatment at the hospitals of different countries. Thousands of young people are in prison in many cases. The dozen people are counting on the day of departure by hearing the sentence of death sentence. The pain is hidden after the remittances.

The roof of economic happiness has been linked, but the happiness of family life has been broken due to foreign employment. Remittances can not be the basis for us to be a long time. But now, for a decade now, Raymond’s creative use strategy has no alternative. Remittance of at least ten to fifteen percent of shares in the name of pathaunekai different amounts  different small hydro projects is a campaign to enter the country must.

By striving to motivate the person , the state will be a financially respective owner, who has become the political owner of the country, by building a systematic and transparent project. The sequence of  Relay race  of Remittances , which will be reduced to the son after the father’s turn, will decrease in the decade, and millions of entrepreneurs will be extended to the village in the foundation of the bonus obtained from the hydro. Remaining violence and volatility, the remittance was not an environment that could be moved towards rural power today, in the form of a very comfortable situation today, the attention of the country should go to this direction.

For a beautiful country

Every Nepali Nepalese Diaspora is an unofficial ambassador to the country. It is not only personal with the person’s behavior ,style, and role but Nepal’s image is attached. Looking at the person, the outer world is making an impression about our country. We are backward to be physically prosperous , but Nepal is a beautiful country of natural , cultural , historical, and spiritual angle. The Nepali Diaspora spread globally should glorify it. But that glory alone is not the country , and it should be thought that the country has given me Nepali identity, but what have I given to the other countries ?

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