Best Nepali Music Bands That Can Never Be Forgotten

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Best Nepali Music Bands That Can Never Be Forgotten

The Nepalese music industry has seen many top groups which have reliably made our heart and ear load up with satisfaction, happiness, and feeling. Somw of the nepali bands can never be forgotten they remain in our ear and hearts forever. The following are the best 10 music band of Nepal that always remains in our heart. We may die but their music? definitely not!!

Nepali Musical Bands Order by Best

1. Nepathya:

Nepathya is a Nepalese music band that was encircled in the mid-1990s by three understudies from Pokhara while thinking about in Kathmandu, Nepal. They started recording tunes which following 25 years have made them the best band ever of Nepal. Nepathya is best known for blending individuals melodies with present-day western-affected rock music. Nepathya has taken pleasure in both business and essential accomplishment. Nepathya is remarkable for contemporary tunes that have strong ties with marvelous music and tunes.

Nepathya transformed into the essential Nepalese band to perform at Wembley Arena, the UK on August 3, 2013. The show was commonly presented by Parcha Productions (Nawal Rai and Samir Gurung) and Subsonic Routes. Nepathya was productive to flabbergast the 8000 in number Wembley swarm (generally Nepalese living in the UK and Europe). The show was a huge business accomplishment. Nepathya’sWembley Arena show is furthermore the best ever execution by a Nepali band.


The band started as a people pop band. The class changed to contemporary rock. They could use their mix music to enchant increasingly broad crowd individuals from different age get-togethers and social orders. The stage regularly expressed love and nature in their earlier concert. Their later accumulations began focusing on enthusiasm, agreement and current issues of Nepal. The album “Ghatana” released in the midst of the basic wartime edge contains tunes that tell the all-inclusive community the prerequisite for congruity in the country and highlights the supposition of the overall public and what’s more prompts energy among the group of spectators individuals. Their hits include songs such as “Resham”, “Jomshomai Bazar Ma’, “Tal ko Pani”, “Gaun Gaun Bata Utha” and many more.

Nepathya is one name in Nepali Music – which has expanded so much in Nepalese society. In the midst of the past 21 years, Nepathya has been the trend-setters. They have been the pioneers to blend individuals tunes into youth kind pop and shake sort out. Cultural tunes have remained the current intensity of Nepathya.

2. 1974 AD:

1974 AD is a Nepali melodic group, encircled in Kathmandu, Nepal in the mid-1990s. They investigate various roads in regards to various kinds of music including Nepali individuals, ragas, rock, funk, blues, and jazz. 1974 AD is among the best musical groups in Nepal. An enormous part of their accumulations is situated among the primary ten best in class accumulations as shown by Hits FM of Nepal. In 2000, their show, ‘Shake Yatra,’ was seen by more than 60,000 people, the greatest cooperation for a show in Nepal.

Songs and accumulations conveyed by 1974 AD are normally in the Nepali lingo. Their music subjects to nationalism, Nepali excellencies, solidarity, love, and enthusiasm. There is an impressive proportion of arrangement in the music of 1974 AD. They have released various sorts of music. Their songs, like “Nepali,” “Sambodhan,” “Pahilo Junima,” “Parelima,” “Samjhi Baschu” and “Chudaina Timro Mayale” and many others, were the completely most noteworthy hits in Nepalese music. The tune “Nepali Ho” from their most raised offering album Satabdi has been gotten as the most dedicated  tune till date.

The band was encircled in the midst of the 90s by a social event of instructors from Gyanodaya School, Lalitpur which included guitarist Phirojshyangden, bassist NirakarYakthumba, drummer Bhanu A. In the midst of the great ‘days of yore the band used to play various sorts including hard rock, overpowering metal, shake and blues through a couple of gigs around Kathmandu where they verified numbers from Bryan Adams, Deep Purple, and other shake social events. With their first hit single “Mayalule” from their introduction gathering “Break”, they arrived at end up uncommon contrasted with different gatherings around the country.

In the midst of those years, Adrian Pradhan and Sanjay Shrestha were locked in with their own gatherings. Adrian Pradhan used to be in a hard melodic team from Kalimpong named “The Flame”. Percussionist Sanjay Shrestha, who used to play the drums for the St Xavier’s school band, was incorporated with Nepali mix shake act “Shristi”. Later in the midst of the late 90s, Adrian Pradhan joined 1974 AD as their drummer/vocalist after the past drummer Bhanu  left the band. The following year close-by guitar  Manoj K.C from Dhobighat, Lalitpur joined the band and completed the lineup.

3. Mukti n Revival:

Mukti Shakya is in all probability a champion among the most pervasive rock masters in Nepalese rock scene. After his own one of a kind business, in 1997, he joined a band individual from band Newaz and confined Mukti and Revival. This band has had turned out to be uncontrollably fruitful in Nepalese rock history and are seen as a champion among the most gifted bands in Nepal by the two people and specialists. Giving us hits like Kalankiko Jam and ChaubandhiCholo, they are no ifs, ands or buts a champion among different rocker in Nepal.

Renowned Himalayan Blues Rock band Mukti and Revival will play out a mix of Nepali traditional music with western affected blues at the Fillmore Silver Springs (MD) for the Gorkhaly Foundation/NKY’s Rebuild Barpak (the focal point of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake) generosity show up. The show will include Nepali/South Asian music and sustenance. This is an outstanding altruism undertaking where the gatherings including the headliner Mukti and Revival, are performing to no end for the “Revamping Nepal” action. All profits from the event will go toward revamping a Secondary School at the focal point of Nepal’s Earthquake – Barpak Village.


This band was formed by five people in the year 1992 and have the embodiment of a Rock band. Their tunes are moved by AC/DC and we can find air conditioning/DC season in their tune. They are doing their work since the mid-90s and up ’til now shaking it. They released their first accumulation in 1993 and named it as Anjaan. The tunes in this accumulation include considerable metals and hard shake.

5. Kutumba:

Kutumba is a champion among the most assumed instrumental society Nepalese band. It just uses Nepalese ordinary melodic instruments, for instance, Bamboo Flute, Sarangi (Nepali), Madal, Tungna, Dhol and Jhyamta. The word ‘Kutumba’ holds an exceptional hugeness in the Nepali lingo. It stays for a stand-out security among system people.

Like their name, Kutumba is connected to joining standard society tunes and instruments with new and improvised sounds and musings. Kutumba is a people, instrumental troupe, a social affair of six specialists from Kathmandu. Having gotten together for the protection of their lifestyle and workmanship, Kutumba wishes to spread love and enjoyment of Nepali society music all through the world. Self-convinced and self-moved, Kutumba is a social occasion with their very own exceptional sound and vision. The seven people have particular roots and establishments in music. Kutumba is the congruity of ordinary roots, culture, and new sounds. The band has recorded a couple of sessions for Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 6.

Kutumba is an arrangement society instrumental band concentrated on the assessment, protection, and party of the different indigenous Nepali music. This social event of six specialists wishes to spread love and joy of Nepali individuals music all through the world.

Its music is reducing and serene as it is the blend of various sorts of instruments, the rhythm and tune are amazing. The band has winning to advance the indigenous Nepali music among the Nepali youth and society fans by mixing indigenous instruments and melodic styles of different ethnic get-togethers.

Most by far of the people from the band have a spot with the Newar social order, regardless, the band propels Newari music just as society tunes from various pieces of Nepal. They have viably ensured distinctive customary instruments and their own one of a kind uncommon sort of music cases to the overall public transversely overages.

6. The Edge Band 

Surrounded in 1998 in Pokhara, Nepal, The Edge came into the Nepali Rock scene with a self-titled presentation in 2000. The video of the single “mero aasu” from the introduction accumulation saw an across the nation reputation flood inside seven days of its official release. This accomplishment gave the band a really vital break into the standard music industry in Nepal. The gathering included various hits like “jeewan mero”, “Pagal nabhana”, “Na chaheko” and various sticks and practices, “Jeewan” associated with three proficient arranged entertainers in Pokhara. They had tantamount points of view, attitude, and taste for the music they envisioned.

The Edge Band


This state of halcyon didn’t prop up long. In just two or three years, the band ended up in a significant crossing point. With various needs going up against the obligation to continue making music, it wound up obvious that the main lineup would falter. The disbanding transformed into the unavoidable reality.

The rest that sought after the disbanding, front-man Jeewan continued with his singing. The persevering energy ended up being a remunerating foundation. In 2003, through to make.

The new lineup is perhaps the most skilled ever. Ascending out of a significant break the band cut their second accumulation Vibes with Vajra Records in 2006. The gathering contains irrefutably the most smart firsts the band has in its credit till date. Recorded and aced at Sacred Sound Studio, Kathmandu, Vibes grandstands the band’s specific capacity, steadiness, and sweet advancement. thaha chaina, an instrumental strategy; Shanti ko sandesh, a hand shake with the energetic theme; kasailai, a steady shake groove; bhramma, an elective preliminary; songs of devotion, jiunalai Garo, and duukha diyera; and reducing prastab and lekhiyeka shabda demonstrate the association amidst grouped assortment in course of action.

After the entry of the video for thaha chaina on genuine TV stations, The Edge’s universality spread far and wide. Since the accumulation release, the band has played almost dozen shows in where they grew up Pokhara. They have played different sold-outs including establishments and festivities. Their shows are notable for an ideal execution and a mind blowing stage closeness.

As yet, The Edge has gotten couple awards and assignments. The song Duukhadiyera stashed the best sections award at the Pokhara Music Award. The tune got essential endorsement for its sincere words. In 2006, after the landing of Vibes, The Edge was doled out at the ninth Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the class of Rock Vocal Performance. Notwithstanding the way that it was simply constrained to assignments, The Edge has left age to demonstrate their ability to pass on past anyone’s craving. Starting at now, the band is tackling the new materials. They are much of the time watched playing live around town and in their own one of a kind oxygen loosen up bar in Lakeside, Pokhara.

7. Mantra :

Shaped in the year 2000, Mantra was at first a three men band with Praggya on lead guitars, Bishal on drums and Pravash on bass. In the wake of playing instrumentals at gigs for couple of months, they understood that they required a vocalists and that is when Vaskar Dewan gone along with them. Afterward, Manish Thapa participate as a keyboardist pursued by Bidhan on the flute. Consequently, the Mantra finished and the band discharged their first single ‘Timi Bina’ which was incorporated on the gathering collection “Gorkha Rocks’. The fame of the tune urged them to deal with their very own collection

8. The Axe;

As we’ve considered that to be a band, it’s hard to prop up long even in the western culture. The fundamental band THE Ax is an arrangement name in the Nepali music field. 13 years of music adventure is certainly not a concise period. This is a story about mindset clearly a story around 3 people who encircled a band with no genuine obligation, never made sense of they would turn with their phenomenal tunes, music with certifiable validity and vitality, and clearly affecting the world until the end of time.

The Axe Band NepalCatalog

‘We were endeavoring to express that there is a choice,’ says Sarad. ‘That you can endeavor to bid without being smooth, poppy without being pop, and you can be raised without being vainglorious. Since we’re now and again playing more quiet stuff, it’s hard to appear as though we’re endeavoring to change things, be that as it may, we should have been a reaction against coldblooded deny.’

Talking ‘session molding a band, Suren says, it’s a mixed outcome of energy and joblessness and air clearly!!! Additionally, concerning their music kind, Sarad says, “Well we would incline toward not to give our music as a stone alone. Without a doubt it relies upon rock, clearly. Likewise, we essentially present our music as crisp out of the case new sort, another improvement of rock rather with a veritable Nepali touch, It depends upon the group of spectators individuals’ head.

We just endeavored to acknowledge with our bullshits from the outset and lamentably people essentially esteemed those, dazzling!! In all probability their strategy for playing is extensively recognized and clearly, they have been an instance of inspiration to the new age as well. Shiva: “Not ignoring that we are from Nepal, we ought to be all around upheld and changed in accordance with our very own typical society tunes.” Showing that you don’t by and large need to shout to be heard, THE Ax is a whole lotta unadulterated shaking band, incredibly understood in their gigs for their astounding displays. The trio, showing their guts out – ask any passerby who has seen their live presentations – hella worth!!!

The band started as a garage band in the year 1992 and was officially settled in 1993, and gave their first accumulation “Dhunwa” which couldn’t find real success at the time. Everything started in 1995 after Ramesh Gyawali left abroad for his assessments, and Sarad thought of an idea of reshaping the band and making it a 3-man band.

Regardless, it was inconvenient being a 3-man band at the time, in light of the way that the gathering ‘FarkeraHerda’ was not the pith of 3men’s elective sound, as it gives the embodiment of individuals improves. A comparable gathering exhibited the name of the band in the Nepali music field as their tune ‘ChiyaBarima’ and ‘Pallo Dada’ went a raving achievement. Along these lines, it was hard to play a comparable old sound as shown by their hit accumulation. Being negligibly frustrated, the band was left over doing little shows over the town. The tune was a hit, anyway not the band.

The additional youngsters rehearsed a lot in the crushed room in where they grew up, with Shiva tolerating control over the bass as well. By then after a long split, they thought of their third accumulation, Majhi Dai (2000). The gathering was a mixed taste of hard rock and southern rock enhance, and exhibit 3men’s astonishing joint effort. As it’s been stated, the accumulation was predominantly included for their live presentations before a group of people.

This really worked and the accumulation earned them an authentic fair name in a ‘high-voltage live band’ class in all actuality. Following 2 years, they composed the accumulation “A Decade”, a perfect blend of shake hymns, southern rock mix as well. The gathering contains 8 tracks (tallying their old hit number Chiya Barima (3 men style interpretation). As the track ‘ThadoZaaneUkalo’ is a perfect instance of a blend of funk and our own Bhote cello. Talking about their music chronicles, who can ignore their mind-boggling video like ‘Timro Nazar le’? In which the people did the bungee skipping, 500 ft. plunge to Bhote Koshi River–shocking. The overall public constantly had esteemed their new examinations in their music chronicles.

9. Albatros

Albatross is a champion among the most pervasive gatherings among Nepali youth today. Starting off as a staggering metal band with songs like Koshish and Attitude overdose, Albatross, got unmistakable quality before their official gathering was released. Gigantic in Nepali underground scene, a huge amount of their single was brought out casually, in any case, were a noteworthy hit.

Generally, playing direct Rock tunes right now their songs Aawaj, farki – farki, Khaseka tara, Sacred is mumbled by everyone around the street. They’ve released their first official accumulation and in my view, it was the second-best gathering out there in the market after Jindabaad’s accumulation. Thusly, Albatross makes it to number 6 greatest melodic posse of Nepal.

These are the lists of Best Nepali Bands That can never be forgotten.

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