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Mistake In Nepal Education

After getting medical education and reaching the Media Council and Gutti, the bill to bring the government has been in dispute after one another. The protesters continue to protest that the bill prepared without discussion and homework is imperfect. In protest against the Gupta Bill, the people of Kathmandu Valley should be on the road. […]


Become one for Nepalese, Nepali & Nepal

According to Geography, the Nepalese border is limited to the Mahakali border. But Nepal is spreading globally with sense of emotions. Education , work and life outside of Nepal has expanded its search duniyambhara size feelings for overall prosperity of Nepal is important for the result of collaboration with God. The progress forward motion by challenging diagnostic Nepal ‘ a re- […]


The Flight: The Story of Human Trafficking

The drama ‘Flight’ starts with the main character in the two-way entrance to the family’s old ‘affliction’ or to identify other dimensions of your life. The character of the character plays with the powerful family of the village. The desire of salvation is not to be fulfilled. He can not get out. Knowing that being […]


The story of fifteen bank mergers

The Nepal Bank has warned the banks to go to mergers for a few days. The bank has instructed the National Bank to go to the merger by calling the committee members and chief executive officers of the banks and financial institutions of the B and C class and the Chief Executive Authorities. The merger […]


Full practice of half communism

From the Karl Marx to Communism, Antonio Grassice has written many contracts. In simple language, the essence of communism can be said – in this system a person works for the state. The Kingdom meets the person’s needs. As much as the property is of the state, the state ‘revolutionary proletariat’. That is why the […]

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