You can make sufficient amount of money just with your computer sitting at home. In this age everything happen with the internet as long as you are connected.  Many people here in Nepal are involved in  different online businesses. And trust me people in our country are making hell a lot of money online. So  In this articles we are exploring The Top 10 ways through with you can make Online money in Nepal. These ways depends upon the skills you have.  I have listed the best ways to make money online.

  1. Admob/Adsense : Adsense is one of best choices while it comes to online earning. Google asdese is service provided by Google. In order to use adsense you must have a website, blog or a YouTube Channel. It helps people to make money by placing ads in their content. You can make enough money with Adsense by making a blog site, apps. websites etc .  It is the oldest ads network but yet so popular platform for generating revenue.
  2. Bhukdi : Budhki is a Nepali social network site where you can find some works such as creating posts, writing content, paragraph, stories etc. You can also write informational articles. It is the most convenient option for making online money in Nepal .You can also write facts and tutorial that you are interested.
  3. Advertisement : Advertisement can get you lot of money. There are a lots of website which can offer you some money after viewing or clicking the ads. Its the most easiest and convenient way to look at when it comes to online money. When you view an ads and click it, you get money. Some website that offers you pay per clicks are available. Have a try if you want.
  4. Freelancing : is the most popular site where you can work online. There are many jobs available such as  writing document,  language translation, data entry etc. Everything can be found in freelancing. And if you have any other special skills such as video mixing and editing, software development, website development, audio mixing etc . Then you can easily earn money by doing online job. Note that you must have PayPal account for that, which is a great obstacles for People in Nepal.
  5. Facebook/Instagram : Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world as well as in Nepal. With Facebook you can do many things that can get you some money.  You can create your own Facebook page  and  post some interesting stuffs which can get a lot of people’s attention. When you have large number of audience in Facebook you can place some ads in your page which are sponsored by marketing campaign. You can also promote local goods and product. As you page get more audience you have greater potential of generating profit from it.
  6. Content Writer : If you are good at writing content, you can make a lot of money. You can easily get more than Rs 100 for one Post. Articles such as poems, stories, jokes etc. You can write for . You can create your own E-book and sell the content and sell it in amazon, Facebook etc.  There are many businesses looking for good content creator in Nepal.
  7. Blog : You can create your own website or blog. There are many platform such as blogger, tumblr , WordPress etc which are available for free. You can write about anything which you are passionate about in your blog. Many people in Nepal are crazy about blogging because it is really something that people are interested in.  If you are interested in Blogging than i m making a separate post on how to make a successful blog in Nepal.
  8. Amazon affiliates : You can also do affiliates program form amazon.  All you have to do is create an Amazon Affiliate account and promote the products online in the social sites such as Facebook and twitter and when someone clicks the links you promote and buy products from the link you get paid by amazon.
  9. Upwork : Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing sites available out there. You can find many people that might be in need of the skills you have. The amount of money you can make from Upwork is really huge if you have the abilities that people are looking for. So go ahead,  check out and help them.
  10. YouTube Channel : You may already know that many people in Nepal are making lot of money from YouTube. You can start making hundreds of dollars quickly if your videos get enough views and subscribers. If you upload interesting videos, you can surely get view and subscribers and even more audience base. Basically you are gonna need patience and commitment to your goals before you gain profit. Its not that hard if you have a try.


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