List Of Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal
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List Of Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

Nepal is gradually progressing in various sectors there are many jobs people are working and earning a decent amount of money.  Unnecessary to state, Job opportunities have expanded in the course of recent years. Hereafter a lot of study I Have Compiled 10 of the highest paying jobs available in Nepal. So lets dig in.

1. Managers

The Manager is the heart of any association. Their job is to deal with a specific arrangement of assignments for the association. This includes a great deal of diligent work at various level. The main task of a manager is to control and coordinate various activities that happen in the organization. Experts at the higher levels are paid a decent amount of salary. Average normal managers can make around Rs. 5,00,000 whereas an experienced top-level manager can make up to Rs 8,00,000  of average monthly salary.

Best Highest Paying Job In nepal

2.  Bankers

Bankers are those who are involved in a banking transaction. Bankers raise capital for the organization and offer monetary guidance to individuals. Many businesses also hire bankers for the professional guidelines related to an accounting transaction. Bankers in Nepal can make around Rs.4,00,000 of monthly average salary

3. Business Analyst

With developing challenge among organizations in Nepal, Business Analysts are essential for any association to investigate the challenge in the market. For this field, organizations incline toward people with high IQs and consistent personalities. Business Analysts are required to be knowledgeable in scientific ideas, open to adapting new innovative stages and be proficient enough to fill the holes in understanding utilizing their intense sense in business. Business analyst in Nepal is paid around Rs. 3,00,000 of monthly salary.

Best Highest Paying Job In nepal

4. Medicinal Professionals

A medical expert may work inside all parts of health care, including prescription, medical procedure, dentist, birthing assistance, drug store, mental health care, surgeon, nursing or associated care center. Medical professional includes jobs such as a doctor, nurse, and anyone who work in health care professional.  Average monthly salary may vary in the type to work that in individuals in involved. Normally a top-level of medical professionals make around Rs. 3,00,000 of salary.


5. Flight Professionals

The individuals involved in this sector are paid a good amount of money especially pilot and aircraft engineers. The average monthly salary of a pilot in Nepal in around Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000


6. IT and Software Engineers

This is one evergreen calling which pays truly well. One must be excellent with PCs and code. IT experts must be familiar with the development of web apps, android apps. There is numerous organization seeking for Software developer. You can easily get involved in one if you are an IT Professional. The average salary of a software developer in Nepal in around  Rs. 1,00,000.


7. Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants need to hold direction over Business and Accountancy. They must be remarkably well-prepped. This is one of the most regarded employment in Nepal. Normal salary of CA in Nepal in Rs. 1,00,000.


8. Law experts

Well-known legal advisors have prevented the post from claiming made a decision in courts just to hold tight to their salaries as legal counselors. Legal advisors require large amounts of instruction, tolerance and open abilities. First-class attorneys can request high bundles for a solitary contention. The average salary of Law Experts in Nepal in around Rs. 80,000


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9. Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Architect)

Another of the best paying occupations in Nepal is that of an engineer. An Information and innovation related specialist can gain as much as Rs. 80,000 rupees on a month to month premise subsequent to viewing for a four-year college education and acquiring a 1-year involvement in the field.

10. Marketing

Marketing is an art. On the off chance that one learns human expressions, he/she can join the marketing of choice experts in Nepal. An expert with top to bottom learning of promoting can turn into the CEO of an organization. An Average Marketing job in Nepal is paid around Rs. Rs. 40,000.

Best Highest Paying Job In nepal



11. Website Designer

Another list the highest paying job in Nepal is that of a front end developer. A designer must have a sound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and various front end frameworks such as Angular and React.  Designers procure as much as Rs. 41000 on a month to month premise. It may add an extra penny to their income if they are familiar with Angular Framework. An experience of 4 years and a four-year college education in any IT related subject is adequate for one to acquire the payment of that amount of money

Webiste Designer

Note: The above mention salary are not accurate. Although it is the right estimation but exact salary may vary according to various factors.

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