Mistake In Nepal Education

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Mistake In Nepal Education

After getting medical education and reaching the Media Council and Gutti, the bill to bring the government has been in dispute after one another. The protesters continue to protest that the bill prepared without discussion and homework is imperfect.

In protest against the Gupta Bill, the people of Kathmandu Valley should be on the road. The government was forced to withdraw the bill after the publication in the National Assembly.

Such a situation can now come to the Education Bill.

The government had formed a Higher Education Commission in 2075 years. The report made by the 25-member committee formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Education Girirajmani Pokharel is under consideration. The MPs have not seen this report, not publicly. Neither the concerned person related to education.

We have repeatedly requested the public to report the report. We have been asked to make the Parliament available. But, do not accept minister. He answers that no one can be published or published until he comes in the Council of Ministers.

It is not a matter of privacy. The discussion is about to be covered and rewarded for all. Why did I have to understand, I did not understand.

A member of the Higher Education Commission also tells that this report should be made from home to home. It seems wonderful to see the Parliament being kept in the dark about the report that is to be brought from home to home.

After making a constitution four years ago, we had considered that the country should be taken. We have fixed the timelines of the law within three years to complete the arrangements laid down in the Constitution. Its final expiration was till August 3.

A lot of laws were passed in the hurry of the deadline. The law made by the Representative was not seen by the lawmakers made by VNN, National Assembly to see. Many were mistaken when they did not see the fundamental rights of the law. This is the reason why the media council, the culprit and the bill are in dispute.

There is a possibility of controversy in the education bill as it is happening tomorrow. The report of the Commission must be public for no controversy.

In the Constitution, how can citizens get the level of education. From early childhood to eight, it is considered basic education. It is mandatory for all and must be free. Secondary level (9 to 12 classes) is also free, mandatory.

The economic disadvantage, the disabled, and those who are backward, have the constitution to give free education. Those who are not blind, hearing ears, and problems in dialect should be easily educated based on the nature of disability. All these arrangements have been said to be implemented according to the law.

That means, to provide free education, as mentioned in the Constitution, requires separate law to make education friendly.

Women have a positive discrimination under education. If any quota is required in four quarters, women who have the minimum qualification will be given priority. Even if women’s number is less than a male, it is also the priority woman. It has been said that legislation can be implemented with positive discrimination.

In the right of dalit, it has been said to be scholarship according to the law from primary to higher education. It is mentioned that technological and professional education should be provided by law.

According to the federal constitution, what level have the government decided to look at. Central University, Central Level Establishment (Prachar, Lalitakala, Music and Drama), Open University Standards and Regulations, Central Libraries are the right in the federal government of the country. State Government, Higher Education and Library are entitled to the Government of India. The right to basic and secondary education is in the local government.

The work of various scientific research, science technology, and overall development of human resources is in the shared list of the Union and the state. In this, both the Union or the state are able to make laws. By contrast, the union’s laws will be valid.

There is also a shared list of the Union, the state and the local government. The government should also pay attention to the lawsuit of education, but also the government’s law. One should not encroach on one’s rights. It is also stated in the Constitution that all the three layers can form the overall education laws.

It is late to take all these laws into law and implement it. The government is also hiding reports.

The minister said that we will make National Education Policy based on the report of the Commission. Then, 25 years of workships are being made and we are also making school education laws.

While preparing the education bill, the government has some time to discuss it. The report should not have to be addressed.

Like education, it can also be difficult to make hidden laws. The government may have a tendency to keep yourself in subject matter and do not like it. Due to not public reports, the contention of the theme is not the case. Consequently, the bill may be criticized.

We ask for the report to be the same.

The government could be asked if the error was made publicly as soon as possible. Our right to say that right, that right should be ensured in the bill brought to our descendants.

The MPs who came to remote education asked, “Do not give one or two teachers in school, how long does the teacher get the passage?”

Another MP said, ‘Community school reform has been said to be replaced by private. But instead of improving the quality of the community, why is it going everyday? Why is politics being in politics?

At the same time, I said that I could not keep talking about the “report to the report”.

How do we get the report after studying? This is your sole concern. We only have no responsibility for the information you provide.

Education Minister says that the policy is based on the same report. How to take the responsibility of the policy that we are unable to see? In the same way another person in your party does not take responsibility for it. The report of the hidden hideout was not the subject matter of shared affiliation. Such a policy can not be national.

The other thing is 25 years of work. It’s a great thing. Vegetation is needed in education, but it is not a matter of power and counterparts. Everyone should not be concerned about children, guardians and princes?

For which education policy is being made, information is not provided by them, and how is that national policy?

We also put another question in the committee, ‘How much budget do you need to make these programs successful?’

Education Secretary said, ‘Can not be said correctly, but 20 percent of the total budget requires a living.’

This year there is 10.6 percent budget in education, estimation 20 percent. How is there more than half budget management? What is its source?

It is said to be free from basic to secondary education, different groups have scholarships, how can they be fulfilled?

The answer is not with them too.

We have requested for a similar discussion. Education is not a party agenda. If the government is not able to do the job alone, it should be difficult to counterpart people from the counter. That’s why we call community-private partnerships. According to the constitution, the goal of education should not be fulfilled by the government, if the government is handling the Ministry of Education for giving the budget.

The Ministry of Federal Education has to think deeply about the options. There should be a serious discussion about how to get out of the budget and how to get free education. But, is there a creative debate on Khoi?

They are not acceptable to all of them together with the same policy and action plan. So, it is difficult to see education or improvements in education.

The tendency has been dispersed in the same way to bring a hideout bill similarly. This controversy can not be said in the next few days.

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