Smart Film City, in Lamjung in 6 Billions

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Smart Film City, in Lamjung in 6 Billions

The ‘Smart Film City’ of the state-of-the-art technology has been constructed from the private sector in Benjsher Municipality of Lamjung.

Ski Entertainment Nepal’s Nepal Wednesday, for ‘Smart Film City’, was constructed in five thousand Ropei area. And the Italian construction company has been compromised by the World Area Holding SRLech. If the construction is completed, it will be a smart film city in the world’s top position. So far, the area is at 20000 meters above 20000 meters.

A contract has been signed between Sky Officer and president of the Italian company, President Francisco Skynerillo, chairman of Sky Interpreter Nepal, Nepal for the purpose of constructing a total of 16 movie shading sites, including world-class artistic technology.

Speaking at the function organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Prasad Bissota said that the ‘Smart Film City’ is ‘Mile Stone’ for the movie sector of Nepal. Project Coordinator, Rajesh Kumar Puri, said that the work of depot of film city, which will be constructed at about six billion rupees, will be started within the next three months.

According to him, the project will be completed in the maximum seven years. Although 16 movie cinematography can be constructed under the above project, 12 construction will be constructed in the first phase. Out of the project stars will be built as a sample of hotels, movies studying film, cablecar, organic form, various sports and physical origin of different countries and Nepal.

The film will be made to shake film using world class technology in the movie “City Sky World Cinema Nepal”, which will be produced in the name of “City Ski Cine Village”. Before the Himalayas, the Gulf, the Buzzjamp, the Pearlling and the Swimming Pool will also be built.

Similarly, Nepal’s Sky Sky Officer, Sky Ski, said that such a religious, cultural and historical significance of the Kathmandu-based heritage would be a physical structure. ‘There is no cutting edge technology in Nepal, due to which foreign filmmakers are forced to go to different countries, Film City will come here and they will be able to build a full movie, “the official said.

He said that after completion of the project, out door and indoor could shadow all. He said that the same two companies have agreed to manage the Asian region by Nepalese companies and management of other countries.

World President Holding SRL, Italy’s President Francois, said that after the agreement, Rome was the first home in the first house, and now the second home is becoming Nepal, and expressed pleasure in entering the new passport. Senior filmmaker Neer Shah said that there was a new dimension in the national film industry and urged not to be the same as Dolika.

Recalling that it was also the leading country in the film industry in Italy itself, he said that it is important to invest in such a country. He also said that the cultural and commercial importance of the said film is huge.

Gyan Singh Singh Aryal said the full-fledged support of the local level, the city head of City Manseshahar Municipality Vada No. 3, 4, 5 and 9, said. Expressing happiness in getting the film city, he informed that there is a suitable place for natural scenery.

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According to him, the film City near the village city, Oldkotot and Bakparkr village is closed. The 14 mountains can be viewed near that place. From here, Annnagal, Manasalu, Machapapuchra, Buddha Himal, Harikpik, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung Himal appears. The inauguration of Shah Dynasty is near Lamjung Durbar.

It is believed not only for the nation but to increase the glory of the nation even at world level. “By all political consensus, the city council has decided to allow the film city to be built, there will be positive support of local level in the process and process, no dispute will come,” said Aryal.

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