The Flight: The Story of Human Trafficking

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The Flight: The Story of Human Trafficking

The drama ‘Flight’ starts with the main character in the two-way entrance to the family’s old ‘affliction’ or to identify other dimensions of your life.

The character of the character plays with the powerful family of the village. The desire of salvation is not to be fulfilled. He can not get out. Knowing that being wrong, knowing that the woman used by the family to get to the Kothi of India is also the young man.

The context made by the woman to look at the cover more than the beauty of the conscience, makes the dramatic audience bound to ask.

When the play progresses forward, the powerful gangster enters the entrance. The message that is presented through the drama, which becomes the type of revolutionary tract of the society.

The mechanism is being written and directed to French artist Aliz Biann, who is going to play in ‘The flight’ in the Russian culture center at Kamal Pokharari, Kathmandu. Alizay, director, raised up the social issue in the drama.

“The economic temptation is increasing by social deviation, but the dramatic rise in the issue of changes and essential changes has been made,” she said, “The Flight’s message is that it is necessary to think about the change in thinking and change.”

26 actors, including Pashpati Rai, Vijaya Rai, Kiran Shrestha, Cremation Maharjan, Naseela Shakya, Saroj Shrestha, Salman Khan Gurung, JD Tamu, Prakash Seung Song, Sunal Tamang, Roshan Karki, played in the role of Solis Pearmming Arts and Van World Theater. .

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