The government has seen its destruction as a result of the use of dungs

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The government has seen its destruction as a result of the use of dungs

The tradition has a close and close relationship with the people. Gooli is also the subject of culture and culture related to the Nehru. By handing such a serious topic, the government has unleavened an unhealthy raga.

The powerful government was not less. Sarah would agree if Kathmandu could only feed the Melamchi water to her family. The work is done on one side, why it is handled in unnecessary work, I do not understand.

Nobody is asked, nor has anyone raised this topic. It was seen as its own destruction.

Gutty is not a tradition of a complexity. Likewise, King Shivdev and insuccessful parala inscription are found in the word “sympathy”. That was the same time as ‘a fanatic symposium’. From the prince to the stream the water was ‘water purse’ to manage water. The cord is from the same ‘sympathy’.

The leaflet lukewarming inscription is found that at that time, taking the water supply, Chapaguan, Sanogun, Tarnish, Tsunkothi, have brought water from all sides and filled the four ponds of Patan, Tundhi. That same water was brought to the pond of Pattan Hospital till the big pond of Jaalakhhel.

Now there were four slums in the metropolitan area. The pond also filled with the water coming from that prince. After completing the palm-palm pond, there was a palace left at Bagmati.

Gingerbread has made such a strong network to manage water in the city. The task of managing the people through the balloons is successfully lithing. Despite the efforts and budget of the government, the government has failed to fulfill the Melamchi dream shown to Kathmandu.

The result is the result of the demolition of your tradition.

It would not have been if the hinges were already strengthening. The bodies like ‘water cooling’, which would bring water from the league, would have been stronger. Thinking, was it not possible for people to come out from Kathmandu’s house to eat? If all had given money, how much was it?

Even now, the Government has done the task of removing gender in Indrajatra? Seven hundred men and women will go by themselves, cutting, tapping, and drawing trees.

Now, who is doing the chariot of Machchindranath? Has this government done? Can such a chariot work be full of paying?

Guthi is running Jatra of Machchindranath from Indrajatra.

Satyamohan Joshi
Such a big task would have been a weakness in the hands of successors every year, even if the government had given it to settle it. It is extremely wrong to seek a bill by removing the bill by eliminating the overall system.

Many people have to die after the community is brought under the authority of the gangs running under authority. Ginger is a thing to run through emotions. The tradition of the people who survived religious beliefs, is the tradition that has gone ahead. ‘If I go this honestly honestly, my seven generations go to hell, or keep it in righteousness, breaks in the bad’, every nwarwar is walking in the mind. The same feeling and power have led to the neck. After feeling emotional, it does not exist.

The last time the tradition of Gupta is difficult to keep the tradition. Bimsen Gupti was separated from four-five cubits attached to me. Now the cost of earning money is only the cost of earning money. The price has affected many. One marijuana paddy that comes in the first four rupees is no more than four hundred times. Whereas, the tradition of ginger should be done. It is difficult to raise crops or cash from the settlements of the land. In the meantime, when asked for the needle, the Bacca needed it. The source should be drying from the place to pick up.

In such a situation, I am leaving a bull after it is difficult. Despite this, many have been working in the name of tradition, in the name of religion, which is not eaten. Instead, it might have thought of how the government could fill it. Do not think so.

In the opposite direction, the tradition of the Government to enter the political party of the political parties and raising the benefits of this is the tradition of the end. The person assigned to such a person had to understand the embarrassment of the bull. Here, only the people who are like food like merchandise come only. It also destroyed the lumps.

The government could only see the land and the income. It’s not just here. This bill makes a big attack.

Professor Kedaravakta Mahe stayed in Japan for four years. After returning, he went on to do the best thing he did in Nepal. At the time of staying in Japan, the forehead experienced the forehead of Nepal’s best party.

According to him, Japaneses are praising our factional system very well. At the same time, on the forehead, at the forehead, we were invited by a program at the Staff College of Javavakhhel. From that same program, he felt that he should move the knot into a new way. The books were also removed.

Fulfill all such good efforts.

Once it was a matter of sending it to UNESCO in Vishwandra, Machchindranath. The report was prepared to make a large and twelve-year-old Jatra, the most commonly involved in our Nepalese participation. Then legally it was sent to UNESCO. But, Unesco did not mind. It said that we would not have to run.

If it breaks the chariot of chanting Machchindranath, it is difficult to build any system immediately. While, the bull, which is currently being made, quickly creates the sticks by operating. Unesco did not put hands on that place where there was an effective stinging system, immediately after we were handling.

What was the problem of UNESCO investing in such things? But, did not. Because it could have been a feeling of working for a knee, even when the money was entered. Looking for all the money. The feeling that was stubborn, could have been devastated. I was stupid. Junkera Unesco

There is not even a number of gangs inside the ball. There are also those who are taking advantage by using gangs. Such a gang is watching the ground of a dump. Possible sales have been wasted. Some people are happy with this bill, but there are two mafia. While, more than that, most of the people are in the tomb, who have traditionally been living. In the case of religion, they are working closely. They should think about them. The government’s steps stir up such feelings.

Our Prime Minister’s slogan is ‘prosperous Nepali Sukh Nepal.’ What is the richest? What is the development of physical development only? Otherwise, it is in culture to seek prosperity.

Neither the country gets prosperous, nor Nepali is happy by attacking the dump. What are the rich ones in the world by wasting what is happening?

Moreover, the police have been suppressed by using police, drunk water, and protesters on the road. What did they do to scold them? Yes, it is a place where our ancestor is binding in a knife. This is the great stones of the people of Lalitpur Darbar Square. At the same time, before the Krishna temple, there was no ‘crane’ at the time to bring the pillar of the Goddess. Government does not even do it. It is called ‘Tavbadalee Haas’, which has been brought by the people by means of labor. All these structures have been constructed properly.

The boot can hit the child now that he has spoken in the side of the neck? Water fires can be hit?

Earlier, Ran Bahadur Shah had similarly got ridiculous on the neck. That time was the word ‘Guti Harna’. The same repeat work is done.

The thing that is called Ginger is associated with all our behavior. Even now, after work of Gupta, people should go to every house. Must be cut off At the time of Juddhshmarsar, our ‘Murda Guthi’ was formed during the making of Shanti Bhawan and Surendra Bhawan. It is also one of the four dead bodies attached to ‘Murda Guthi’. This completes all the behaviors in any mortal mortal. Even after leaving all the work, the Malami must be gathered.

Like ‘dead kidney’, there are many different types of sticks. Everyone has different worshipings. If some social work is done, the bone will soon come to an end when it is called ‘raising’. It’s still going on.

Even the Jupiter community is more powerful than ours now. If the Manka’s Guthi is called, they leave all the work. Yes, yes. I.e. the penalty is to be paid.

The government’s move is affected by all such ancestors. The religion is based on the tradition of narrative tradition. If you want to isolate people from religion, not only cancers, but many things are affected. Can our society carry that load? It’s a thing to think.

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