The launch of Telecom’s FTTH service in Dhankuta

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The launch of Telecom’s FTTH service in Dhankuta

Nepal Telecom has launched the  FTTH service, which has been using high-quality telephone and fast-speed internet from one cable to the latest and state-of-the-art information technology at Dhankuta. The company has officially launched FTTH i.e. Fiber to the Home Service on Friday. In a program held at Dankuta, the state-run Minister of State No. 1, Sharthan Rai, inaugurated the service by Director, Dileamam Adhikari, in Kathmandu, inaugurated the service by telephone on FTCH technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Rai said that Nepal Telecom is an important partner of the campaign to create a prosperous and digital Nepal by expressing the commitment to make state number 1 the digital state. He was preparing to extend this service to all the local bodies and cities in the state of 2076 and in the work of Nepal Telecom, he also requested to make life comfortable and prosperous through the use of technology.

In the conversation with Chief Minister Rai, management director Dillaram Adhikari told the company that the Company is going to digitize the  FTTH service even more public and effective.

In the program, Pramod Kumar Parmar, director of the Wireline and Customer Service Director, displaced the technology to make telephone and internet from the old and costly copper wire, saying that quality and rapid service through fiber has been launched throughout the country in Dhankuta during the initial phase.

Chintan Tamang, Mayor of Dhankuta Municipality, expressed happiness on the digitalized technology including Dhanukuta Municipality to correct the prosperous Nepalese campaign.

On the occasion, Chief District Officer of Dhankuta, Sitaram Karki and VDC head of Dankuta Municipality VDC, Jang Bahadur Rai thanked the company for launching FTHH.

Ramneshesh Kunwar, manager for Nepal Telecom Regional  Directorate, gave information about the specialty and distribution of FTH technologies. The program was held in the chairmanship of Ram Prasad Upadhyay, director of Nepal Telecom Regional  Directorate.

Nepal Telecom is providing personalized and corporate user packages under FTH. Under this, the minimum deposit of 8 MBps for one year is available at Rs 8,000. The customer connecting a new wifi will receive a free Wi-Fi router and a 100-meter fiber free of charge. Apart from the fact that the new line connectors have done more than three months, the money is not provided for non-payment.

This service is effective for clients because of triple play, such as voice, high-speed internet and video services, provided by optical fiber to the home instead of conventional copper wire through FTCH technology. Previously, customers using ADSL can also upgrade the FTH service. This is an IP-based service.

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