Mahabharata tale would be written if there was no injustice on Karna

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Mahabharata tale would be written if there was no injustice on Karna

I’m the time.

Some people will be surprised by listening to me. It is said that the person who was in the face of the house, how did he start speaking? However, this time also comes, people who have taken the time should also speak.

When the survival of the bullock starts conducting a different person, then as a man, the dead must also come out of the womb of time.

For me this world was a war field. And, tell my life, the tremendous voice of the wars in the battlefield. The voice of many types of events in which you are full of fat;

Today I want to open my eyes in front of all of you. I want to showcase all the events of the events. I want to test myself in the horizon. I want to confirm the value of maternity. I want to take my own examination in the test of friendship, which is not going to end. I would like to evaluate the warmth of the fascinating vomiting.

I hear a voice coming from the intersection. I try to remove attention from that voice. But, as the wind blows, the fire extends rather than the flame of the fire, so the voice of my intimacy shook me evenly, saying, ‘Karna! Listen to all your life stories! So that the world should be known to you. ‘

Yes, I’m curious. Karnataka’s Mahabharata

I am asking for my life for the time. What I am, what was the history, was known in the same sense that it was infinite?

How much justice did my life over? How many injustice did you do?

Have you read the Mahabharata? Or have you heard?

Of course, you might have seen television. BR Chopada made Mahabharata’s homepage Amortacle through a series of hundred and a hundred years ago. It can also be seen in ‘YouTube’.

The stories that you judge or not did in my life, that is what you test.

I think my story is incomplete, is fully understood.

I was always drowned in Mahabharata. Each of his ego and crew partners were made. Draupadi’s garments saw all the people who became a silent witness. Everyone saw seeing Abimelee breaking all the rules of war.

These are such incidents, which will become my poison and my existence until the age of veseloo vow.

My dear readers, you can also keep these two steps in one side of the scales, and do not have my life on the other side. Do not worry about my life in the event of this incident.

If so, my story will not be heard, nor does it read.

Today, as a time, I am not thinking of being able to look back my life. I do not believe in that incident. There is no mistake or regret in being a partner. Therefore, questioning does not arise.

If today I come to repentance about why I am a Witness in Draupadi or Abhimanu Yadav, then it will be injustice to the life I live.

I do not have a mistake, because of what I did, it would never happen to the ages.

So why am I telling my story?

I am telling this reason, so that you can understand this, before examining the character of the Mahabharata characters, which can be seen outside, that can not be the absolute truth.

The reason behind every action is the reason. The value of the person leads to life cycle by the value of his life. Even under the same value-added I have been guided to my life. Or, let’s go.

Before telling my story, I would like to thank Marathi novelist Shivaji Sawant, who wrote my story ‘Dhanjoji’ at the age of 27 and kept my story in front of the world. And, during the centuries, in the injustice, the curse seeks to judge the characters.

Another Marathi writer, Iravati Karve, is also a debtor, who would like to sing my song in the ‘Yugant’ novel, as I live in the form.

Today, I am going to tell my story again by ‘The Book Discussion’, from the story of these two authors.

Hari Sharma. Photo: Manoj Satyal / Satyatti
I am the only kind of ‘Mahabharata’ saga, which is completely cosmic, with three sages in Ved Vas, Dupiter, Krishna.

All other characters are those who live in a jungle, but they are very different. Their actions determine the past and future.

The writer has lost the number of characters in all the characters, sculptures of ancestors, such as curd in Madani. So it is said – Mahabharata is what is in the world, not in Mahabharata, it is not in the world.

In all of these supernatural stories and characters in the surroundings, I am like you. Ninth human

Just as you do not know about your reborn, I do not even have it.

As you are ignorant of your future, I am also ignorant.

Just as you do not have any divine power, I am inspector of the time-consuming events.

Yes, when I was born I had to wear the armor on the ear and the body. But, I do not accept divine power.

There are many people in the world, who have come to birth with some kind of quality or quality. Whether it is called Khobalt of Gaal or black blaze on the skin, which is considered to be due to the fetus when it is accepted by the mother.

How can I accept this Armor-Kundel as Divine Power, which I never needed throughout my life. When needed, it was not in my body. I was shocked and donated to Indra.

You should not be misled by me as a divine power based on Armor-Kundel. She never got more than the hibbling of a galaxy that enhances physical beauty for me.

I am the most common character of Mahabharata, which, like you, proceed with each adverse situation. Fought with sadness, come back with the structure made by the society.

Everyone saw the wars of Kurukshetra, but nobody saw the battles I fought in my life.

That was my battlefield.

Who am I? Do you know my introduction? Say it!

I was born by Kshatriya, Karma Satthapra. Is it not an injustice to be prepared? No, say it!

My birth was in a strange situation.

The sage sage had given Kunti a gift to give birth to children.

As soon as a little boy got toy, Kunti of Tiwari, who recently tied up with a similar situation, got the same. He desired the sunset to test the power of the gift he had received.

Sun goddess descended on earth with his horrific sharpness.

My birth was born from the funeral of Madam Kumari Kanyi Kunti and Tejayana Sunyev, the sun shine in face and armor-kundal in life.

Kunti now became religious.

Give me a status of a son, he is unmarried. The voice of a child born with unmarried person is the shock of his character.

To leave, the mother’s heart is pierced.

I can guess this problem of Kunti. But, what should I do with her doubts?

What is my fault for wishing sunrise, contacting Sun Surdev, and giving birth to me?

If I am the retirement of their excitement, then their fault! Is not it?

If I look at my destiny, who kept me in Kak nine months and planted in the river as soon as he was born, Kunti was considered to be Goddess.

Those who fill my soul from their seed, will always worship the sunrise.

Their love or children of sin, I have been insulted all my life. Did I deserve such disgrace? Say it!

Looking at today’s eyes, Kunti can be a model of a free woman. He has the right to his body. She can make me live alone. It can also declare the son by stealing the throat. Even if the father’s introduction is not available, getting citizenship from the mother’s name will be my legal right, and it will not be easy to get citizenship.

Did you reject me as an infant or a child of unmarried woman? There was no doubt.

After that, how can I be justified by what I am trying to live forever?

Thus, I have been less deceived by Karma than I was born.

From the senses, I found myself as a perfume. Queen Kunti, who was my mother by accident, when she was offered to the river, I went to the hands of Subhath.

That evening, when Prithvirath tiped me from the bail of the Ganges river, took me to my lap, he would be my father at that moment. Even until the age of creation, otherwise the power of all creatures, I will also consider them as my Father.

That time, many questions may arise in the mind of the Almighty – Sir, how can you take the other child to the house? What does the society ask for, whose son is this? Have you taken a wife outside and brought birth to a child?

How are you, the poor, the old man, how can you stomach old man, how can he adhere to the child? How does education teach?

Seeing this baby again, it’s like a sharp cathedral! A prince might be a victim of a fight! The rebels of the state may also kill King and queen by raising power, even the newborn Prince might be buried in the river! Tomorrow, you know that the rebels are coming to know that the prince is coming to life.

Many of these questions did not allow them to become impatient.

Whatever troubles in the future, she did not allow me to be in the Ganges like Kunti, but she got stuck and took home and was excited and put her wife on the side of Radha.

Radha was always preparing for a contractual kitchen. She had the same mourning in her life, she was unworthy. He made a lot of fast, pilgrimage, treated, and could not get children.

She was happily mad like I got on her lap.

He had kissed my forehead, throat, eyes, ear, nose, kissing all my hard chest, when she was swimming in the hot water of the Ganges.

My Mamtaamhi soft hand had hit my cold hair. And, she said, ‘Son, today you should reflect my dark life. Light the house in the dark. ‘

At that time, Radha’s heart could not have got many questions and – whose child had this child tiped? Has he not brought my eyes to sleep? Is not this the only son of that same deal?

No, even if the society asked tomorrow, what would I answer?

Regardless of the society, here a man does not ask questions, a woman who is to be victimized.

Did not everyone see me walking without having children, seeing if my body is filled today, is it not my doubts to be doubted? Would not I ask that I am born with some kind of male and female?

Radhha’s heart remained patient despite these words.

She did not even imagine me to turn away from maternity. Instead, they spread sharp across the village.

And, the Sangh proclaimed, ‘Radha, today is a mother.’

I am proud to be the eldest son of such unselfish parents. I am proud of this for the ages.

My father Anandirath was the chariot of the King of Dharatarashtra of Hastinapur. At that time people used to be a chariot. This is the lowest class in the social structure, which is called ‘servant’.

In today’s situation, ‘drainage of water’ was not a dalit, but it was especially above the social reputation.

Being a child of such a lower class, my power and courage were no less than any ancestor. I was full of arms and arms in a hurry. My parents did not impose their poverty in my teaching. I want to teach a high school education.

At that time Gurukul of Dronacharya was known as the best university. Just like Harvard and Oxford. I also wanted to read that.

I tried to meet Dronacharya and get admitted. To accept acceptance as a disciple.

He did not accept anything.

‘You are Sutraputra,’ she told me, ‘Only princes read in my gurukul.’ How did you imagine going here? ‘

Is this a guru behavior? Say it!

Today, a student wants to be admitted to Tribhuvan University, and if he is not admitted to the basis of race, what do you say? Do not you judge the vice disciple of such racial discrimination? Do not say that!

Dronacharya was similar to the people who were filled with racial spirits and the weight of social elevation, which everyone respects. Worship

I do not respect him. I do not hate Hating is to express some kind of feelings. I do not want to express any feelings for him.

He was the only reason why he did not admit me, he wanted to make his beloved disciple Arjun the world’s best archer. He was so impatient, whatever he came to Arjun’s way, he tried to put him to the shore.

Ecclesiastes are like a victim of Dronacharya’s injustice.

He learned Dronacharya by mastering his statue and replaced the statue. It was also good. How much was he better than Arjuna? After knowing this, Dronacharya did not get enough. He lost his old age in the name of Gurudikshinana.

How many sinners, please!

He was afraid of me too. I was involved in Gurdul, fearing his beloved disciple Arjun. It was difficult to raise the burden of money from the Hastinapur empire and the salary, the salary, and to raise its burden.

But I was not alone.

I did not obey him, nor did the hunger of my education remain dishonor of Dronacharya.

Instead, it increased my hunger. I started to show myself the best arrow from Arjuna. Arjun started to think of his extreme opponent.

I do not know whether it’s good to look for someone or not. There is no saying that there is no need of a snake person and no snake. So all my eyes were shaken to Arjun, the main reason.

Some were guilty of being born in my mind if they were Dronacharya. Why should I say the load of blame on my shoulders?

After that incident, I was admitted to Dharanacharya or at the highest level of Guru Parishuram in Gurukul. I received all the lessons from which Drona taught Arjun.

Here I have been dishonest. You should do that decision not to say that dishonesty.

I concealed my introduction to Become Parishuram’s disciple. I present myself as a Brahmin.

What’s wrong with me? In that time’s ethnic structure, I would have said myself as a potato, would he accept me as a disciple?

Even if I did, I would have had a good idea of ​​cosmetics and all kinds of weapons. Partha, say so!

He taught me because of this, because he saw the symptoms of knights in me. It was his purpose to destroy the caste race from this world. But, he was old. He was not able to raise his weapon by completing this project. That’s what I chose.

Guru Parshuram wanted to fill his treasure’s treasure in me and fulfill the wish to destroy the caste race. I spoke to him. In the stomach, I wanted to reach my goal at the time of burning fire. So, I lied before the guru.

Who did my lie hurt? No one did If so, say it!

Instead, he harmed me.

When Guru Parsuram got to know my ethnic identity, he cursed me and cursed me, ‘When you are in need of life, the most important thing you need, these days will not come to your work. You will forget everything. ‘

Such a big punishment is such a big mistake! A teenage student!

Was there any potential in my capacity? No. I am punished. Is this justice? Say, is this justice?

Thus my workplace entered into a curse. By moving horrible reality to this harsh reality, I move forward. And, straight into the desert of Hastinapur, where a hundred five brothers from Pandav and Kaurav were performing their own skills.

That time, I did not mean that I would draw close to Daryodhana and close to the hometown of Hastinpur. I wanted to dare Dronacharya’s good. I wanted to prove myself the best of Arjuna.

Even here, picking up ethnic matters has been done to me.

My performance in the desert was not less than Arjun. I was just a step back to defeat him. If that was not deprived of the one step, Mahabharata’s history would be written another time.

This world is not of Arjun yet, I knew it as the best bowler.

In one of my steps, Dronacharya’s life had a great reputation. He instantly argued that in keeping with objection to my entrance and performance in the desertland, ‘Satraputra should not be equal to the horizontal princes.’

Kulguru pleased the agreement. Even as Vishakami and Bihar’s economics like Vishma Dapa, we were sitting idol by shouting on the consensus.

Why is not the question raised over grace? History does not ask the wise people like Bhishma and Virur- Do you like to discriminate on someone’s racial basis?

Why does not anyone tell that these great people walking in the way of religion are equal to the people of all religions and religions?

Why are some shameful people arguing with Arjun? And Arjun is really a knight, why do he feel ashamed to accept that challenge?

Did not it just look like someone in the world alone and announced the best students of the world?

Despite this, Arjun is the believer of all, dear, Bhusham, Drona, Biroor, Krishacharya, I am condemnable, why? Why do you say

In that desert, Duryodhan was the only person who stood in favor of me.

I did not have a catastrophic, wearing a crown of Angraj, and wearing a crown that I was wearing on my head.

Identity is comparative. Seeing myself in the person I am Vintage tradition is the tradition of Buddha. In this man manages to find ‘me’ within the divine. Looking for others by looking at others is cosmic tradition.

Both of these identification methods are not wrong. Somebody looks at the divine, some people tie themselves with others.

Looking for my identity did not mean universe. I was in the middle of Rajarajota and power. From the eyes open, I found myself at the lowest level of social structure. I was awaiting identity. I was victim of ethnic repression. I was disappointed.

If such a person declares the king of the Sagaurav lim of the Prince of Hastinapur, why should I refuse? What is the reason to deny?

Did I ask for that post? Did I lie before Duryodhan?

He saw my ability, princes and made me king. My faults on it!

If I had any idea of ​​making me a king, what would I do? What about me?

If so, every actor of Mahabharata has hidden some of the tasks in every action. If they can be a protagonist by carrying out their entirety, why should I be villain? How villain Say it!

I feel that at the moment Duryodhana put his crown on my head, the identity politics was established for the first time in this world. This politics is going on today.

Due to this identity, I live in debt for Duryodhana. Never let him dishonestly. All my actions behind that was the religion of friendship to duryodhana.

I did not leave anything without my ability to fulfill all the legitimate aspirations of Duryodhan. Because it was my duty to give life to me in the lifetime of the person who has abandoned me from the birth of my own birth, who has been deprived of the abandoned mother, the omnipotent father like brother, the supreme teacher like Drona and the scribes like Birr, who brought me up from the bottom of the society to the upper level.

I did not accept this duty as my religion.

You consider the beloved father as loyal guardian of Hastinapur. He swore that he should not kill him till he was not safe for long period. Life remains loyal to what lives on the throne. For this loyalty he also cited the legitimate privileges of Duryodhana.

So what is the difference between the Father and me?

He was a duty to the state, for his friend, who was accidentally the Yuvraj of the same state.

Because of what he did not leave with Duryodhana, I could not afford the same reason. So she is fair, I am invalid, why? Is it not injustice to me? Say it!

The most beneficial thing in my life is Drapradi Textile.

Everyone asks – Why did not I speak? Why did I add a vow on Duryodhana, Doshashan and Shakuni’s voice? Why?

Yes, that time I was silent. My mouth spoiled against Draupadi. No woman should address this way. This is not acceptable. I do not support it. However, this incident should not be seen only from one aspect. There is also another leaflet.

Its beginning is from Draupadi’s volunteer.

That day I was also in Draupadi’s volunteer. Everyone was invited there. Who did not have the status of who was able to participate and who could not participate. Ethnic or classical boundaries were also not specified.

Draupadi’s brother, Dhrishtremhaman, rose up at the synagogue and announced, ‘Seeing the shadow in the water, the person who is on the top of the fish in the eyes of a fish may face, and my sister Draupadi will be wearing a wing.’

With such a desire, Draupadi’s desire was ready to take all the mighty targets in that meeting. But, no one was able to move away from the target to target.

As I lifted up my bow and offered it to me, Draupadi insulted me in front of everyone in the meeting, saying, ‘Not for the sake of my father-in-law’.

If their varieties were not for Saturnaputra, why was not my admission banned already?

Why is it a step in front of my heart to drive a bow, lifting, pushing, and targeting?

In the Rajya Sabha present itself, ethnicity was deprived of people from ethnicity, but he remained silent. That Rajya Sabha was silent.

Why does history ask Sri Krishna for such discrimination? Why does Draupadi not ask? Why does not King rule the Dravad’s Rajya Sabha responsible for this insult?

Why would I disagree with the fact that a person is a dictator who is a disciple based on his birth and race? Say it!

Just like Drona made me Arjuna to bestow the best arrow, here too, my way was taken for Arjuna’s sake.

Draupadi wanted Arjun to take a look. So, humiliated me. Is it not injustice to me?

The wound of this humiliation, which had become mysteriousness in my soul, may have shown its pain, Draupadi. At that time, the spell of my soul may have been poured out of my mouth.

It was my mistake that I could not take restraint in it, but I was the one who used to reinforce this mistake.

History closed my eyes and evaluated me by one side.

As far as I asked him why I was silent, I was silent in Hastinapur Rajya Sabha only, Bhisham, Drona, Krishacharya, Birur and his own King Dhritarashtra.

Even, five husbands ‘Naulak’ of Draupadi, who had got their wife married to gambling, were idolaters.

History does not make them guilty, but why is that weight burden upon me only? Say it!

I have also been deceived in the Mahabharata battle. I never had the chance to show my heroic love. I never had the opportunity to prove that I am the best archer than Arjuna.

Arjun was himself on the side of Krishna. When he saw threatening Arjuna, he was captured by his mighty miracle and his divine prophecy. And, Arjun did not let him fall into hell.

Krishna’s diplomacy started before the Battle of Kurukshetra.

One day, Shri Krishna kept me in his chariot and traveled together. In a deserted place, the chariot stopped walking and walking with me a little while.

I lifted myself to Radhee son of Radha, and I will celebrate for the ages. Apart from this, I did not accept any other introduction. But, on that day Mr. Krishna opened the curtain from the mysteries of my life, and I became disturbed by the war. I fought half a bit.

It was the victory of Shri Krishna, Arjun’s victory.

‘Karna, you are not Radhee,’ she opened my secret’s secret, saying, ‘You are a resident. KuntiPutra Contte. Pandav’s eldest brother. ‘

So Krishna put his soft hand on my shoulders. His word was making me perfect. Compared to the word, his touch was more soft.

‘Sri Krishna, what is the truth, what is the lie, this is not I understand I do not even want to understand, ‘I said,’ If I am a boy, why do I have so far from Kunti? If I’m Pandav, why am I so different from Pandav brothers? If I am a sunlight, why am I disturbing the kingdom of darkness? ‘

It was such a tranquil moment, which kept the power to fluid even the conscience of the hard-pedestrian world.

The cruelty of social ruthism associated with my birth and a mournful silence of a mother!

I wandered throughout my life in search of introduction, that day, Shri Krishna had introduced me to myself. From that introduction, I took care of myself further, looking at the womb of history, and evaluate yourself.

One thing can I say with the claim, even after I found out that I was a cousin, I did not find myself separately from the introduction of Radhee.

It can also be said to the claim, after knowing that he was elderly Pandav, he would not be able to become a beloved of Duryodhana, and my step did not give a moment to him.

My new name and new introduction did not fill my old name and old identity, but it was a burden.

Perhaps I have brought this burden, when I came to know about the trick, I cut off my life armor and a coil.

After that incident, I broke my relationship with Kunti and Sun forever.

Even if Queenani Kunti herself is ready to accept the son by tears of her motherhood, my intellect is not overflowing.

If I wanted that time, I could announce myself. I could not have been the king of my own birth, but by the grace of Duryodhana. Could be called kshatriya.

Kunti was ready in it, Krishna was ready. The Pandav brothers did not have to talk about two of them.

If I did that, Mahabharata’s story could have been written another.

It was not fair to my soul, even though the story could be written.

Even though I found heaven, I could not leave a friend like Duryodhan, who was abused from all around and gave him a statue to keep Satthapatra an elephant.

While doing so, I sent Empress Kunti an empty hand.

I rescued him, ‘In the war I die, that Arjun. The number of your sons will not be less than the two of us. ‘

Then I asked, ‘Who would you like to see alive in this war? Me to Arjun? ‘

She could not speak.

He had my answer silence.

After all, the sixth day of the Mahabharata war came to pass when I and Arjun were to come. That was the biggest test of my life. Opportunity to prove yourself the best.

But, look, how did the fraud deceive me!

I could easily defeat Arjun if I wanted that fight.

There was a serpent named Agasen. Years ago, when Arjuna planted fire in Khandav Forest, Agarasan had run hardly with the help of his children. Since that time, he was the enemy of Arjuna.

After the Mahabharata war started, he was getting the opportunity to find out his hostility in the desert, while he was blowing out in Kurukshetra.

Agarassen told me, ‘O Karna, you should put me in your arms and attack Arjuna, I will only return to his life.’

I do not agree

‘Brother forehead, forgive me,’ I said, ‘I will put you in my arms and attack Arjun and do not want to conquer him on your poison. I want to defeat him with his own power. ‘

Agasen said, ‘Do you think once again? You should be sorry if I hate you when I ask for such a complaint.

‘I do not care about it,’ I said, ‘Well, I feel free.’

Then all of you know what happened.

In such a very important fight of life, when I needed the most of my skills, it was all soured by the curse of Guru Parshuram.

I wear the cosmetics, but forget the magic used to it.

That moment my body was cast on the wheel of the chariot.

Seeing the opportunity, Shri Krishna told Arjuna, ‘Arjun, you should run the voice.’

Arjun Aknaa. Shri Krishna raised him.

From Arvun, Gandhav broke the vowel of Varanasi.

I said, ‘Sri Krishna, my chariot is ground on the ground. I’m removing Where is the Crusade war, where to kill me? ‘

Hearing this, Shri Krishna announces Draupadi Textile and Abhimanu Dam to stir Arjuna.

The Sri Krishna, who had called for me to open the mystery of birth, used to come to Pandav, showing greed to make king of Hastinapur, and that Mr. Krishna has never been able to put on the sheet of history, and never put on my character.

The same stain has not yet been evaluated by my character.

I did not talk about Draupadi. How can I be convinced as far as Abimeo’s question is? However, I was not a commander of the Kaurav party at that time.

In the fight I had lost two of my sons. How can a forget of father’s feelings awakened by using a sword on Abanyahu?

It was Kurukshetra Maidan, now I was a Knightman. He could even die, he could die. Why is the burden of his death on me? Say it!

At this same time, I was chasing a handmade with a handmade forgotten mantra, with another hand raising the chariot wheel, at that same time, Arjuna hit me.

I sat on Satyaputra, Radheay, on the great earth of Duryodhana.

Suryanarayana is the beginning, darkness spread to the earth.

You might be surprised when people arriving in the face of the knees came out of time from the womb!

Do not be surprised, because I am the time. I am asking for my life for the time.

And, I beg you again.

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